Exclusive Dubsession.com interview with DJ D-Lux:
(Budapest, Paris, DC)

Dub Session: How would you describe this DJ set?
d-lux: When Chilly Will first approached me about putting down some of my work for one of his weekly Podcasts, I was honored you know, because DJ's in cities like Budapest and Prague don't get the props that our colleagues in first tier places like DC, New York, London, Paris, and Moscow get. But my day job got in my way and I couldn't put it together. In the meantime, Chilly put out two podcasts of Brazilectro inspired dub sessions. Unemployment finally found me again, so I decided it was time to cut Chilly an exclusive set for volume 3.

Dub Session: How does your session differ from Dub Session's previous two Brazilectro volumes by DJ ChillWill?

d-lux: Chill Will did an excellent job of covering the Tokyo-Paris inspired Bossa Brava, Bossa Tres, Brazilectro world. So I decided to go back to the roots of the brazilian sound, to provide his listeners with some rare classic samba and bossa nova cuts from the mid 20th century d-luxed in a 21st century remix.

Dub Session: You are known for your attachment to the roots. How did you get this reputation?

d-lux: (laughs) true, like Chill Will I got my start as a roots reggae DJ, but I gots time for the new shit too...

Dub Session: Is this Brazil-blended mix all about old school?

Not exactly. The session I put together is a bit challenging for the listener, because it spans a range from acoustic protest music that came out of the Brazilian dictatorship of the 1970's to some cutting edge European electronica from the summer of 2005, with a sprinkling of Tokyo flavor. The remix of Koop's absolute space with echoes of Baden Powel about 20 minutes into it will either blow you away or make you reach or the delete key. And the piano riffs by Quartette Tres Bien are some of the angriest def keys you will ever hear. All I can say is give it a fair hearing, and listen to the whole thing. It is only 1 hour, 1 minute, and 1 second.
Dub Session: Thanks for this cold groove. Any chance you will do another guest spot on Dubsession.com? And how did you get it to be exactly 1 hour, 1 min, and 1 sec?
d-lux: I have a few themes in mind. The key is to have a good theme so it all holds together. If DJ Chill Will likes this session, maybe I'll be invited back. With DJ Gene-O's space mix and my Brasil stylee out of the way, I think DJs Tedlox and Lars are up next in the rotation. As for the 1:01:01 timing, beats me. Looks cool though.